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Real time modeling of the bay of Biscay

Stephanie Louazel, Cyril Lathuiliere, Annick Pichon, Remy Baraille, Yves Morel
(Abstract received 12/20/2010 for session X)

A real time system based on HYCOM has been set up for the bay of Biscay at a resolution of 1.7 km. The model uses atmospheric forcings from Météo-France (Arpège model) and tidal barotropic forcings (coming from the MOG2D model) superimposed on Mercator fields at open boundary. There is no data-assimilation. The system is run daily. The purpose is to describe all the processes which occur in this area : the large scale and the mesoscale circulation (eddies, thermal fronts,...), the tidal circulation (barotropic tide but also internal tide associated with the stratification), the mixing processes, ... The system provides everyday forecasts of temperature, salinity, currents and sea surface height. Moreover, the system includes a validation component. This validation is automatically done everyday. In term of temperature and salinity, the model is compared with in-situ profiles, the modeled sea surface height is compared with tide gauges data and the modeled currents are compared with HF radar data in the Iroise sea.

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2011 LOM Workshop, Miami, Florida February 7 - 9, 2011