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James Richman, Brian Arbic, Patrick Timko, Robert Scott, Alan Wallcraft, Joseph Metzger, Jay Shriver
Naval Research Laboratory
(Abstract received 12/20/2010 for session X)

Tidal potential forcing has been added to a realistic eddy-resolving (1/12.5° equatorial resolution) six year simulation, 2003-2009, of global Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM). The model resolves the eddying general circulation and the barotropic and low mode baroclinic internal tides. The barotropic tides for the eight largest constituents have been compared to the 102 pelagic tide gauges and the TPXO7.2 inverse tidal model, capturing approximately 90% of the sea surface height variance with a rms error of about 7 cm. The internal tides in the model are generated by the interaction of the barotropic tide with bathymetry. The internal tides radiate away from the generation regions as beams of propagating waves, which travel for long distances (thousands of kms). Interference patterns between interacting beams are frequently observed. The kinetic energy in the tides is compared to historical current meters and the barotropic currents of TPXO7.2. The semi-diurnal tidal currents compare well with the observations and the barotropic model, while the diurnal tidal currents are much weaker.KE

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2011 LOM Workshop, Miami, Florida February 7 - 9, 2011