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Transport balance of the subpolar North Atlantic circulation: insights from an eddy-resolving simulation

Xiaobiao Xu, Harley Hurlburt, William Schmitz
Department of Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi
(Abstract received 12/28/2010 for session X)

A quantitative knowledge of the North Atlantic subpolar gyre is fundamental for a general description of the meridional overturning circulation in the Atlantic Ocean. In this presentation, the subpolar circulation based on a climatologically forced, basin scale model is compared to observational database in the Labrador Sea, along the western boundary, and across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The comparisons suggest that the model contains temperature and salinity biases and that the baroclinic vertical structure of the western boundary current is not well presented. Nevertheless, the model-based circulation is approximately consistent with the observations, and an overall quantitative picture of three-layer subpolar North Atlantic circulation is presented by combining the model results and available observations.

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2011 LOM Workshop, Miami, Florida February 7 - 9, 2011