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Design and early results from a coupling of HYCOM and OLAM

Robert L. Walko, Roni Avissar
Rosenstiel School, University of Miami
(Abstract received 01/10/2011 for session X)

The Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Model (OLAM) is a global model that features locally-refinable unstructured atmospheric and terrestrial grids and a detailed representation of cloud-scale atmospheric moist physics. Its initial development focused on the atmospheric and land components, and until recently the oceans were represented solely in terms of their impact on the atmosphere via their surface temperatures and roughness. Now, a coupling has been developed between OLAM and HYCOM, which enables a fully interactive climate system. We will present details of the coupling, some preliminary results, and plans for the future.

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2011 LOM Workshop, Miami, Florida February 7 - 9, 2011